AA and biracial Hedi and Tibby. Wip. Pic heavy


Gorgeous hair!!

Amazing as always! That hair!!!

Their hair is out of this world gorgeous

WOW!!! :heart_eyes: Beautiful hair!

Hair Bonanza

That hair, though!

You do the most beautiful ethnic hair! I can’t even imagine the time and work you put into it.

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i LOVE their hair, its so sweet! reminds me of a few of my cuties in my kindergarten class

I LOVE the hair you give your babies!

Your hair is absolutely amazing and you girls are gorgeous!

Thank you so much everyone! I know their moms will have fun playing in their hair lol

WOW…amazing rooting…I bet it takes you forever to do…I LOVE it!!!

Beautiful work as always that hair is phenomenal and Hedis skin is positively glowing!

Your babies hair is so natural looking. I especially love the one with the pigtails. What I notice is the parts in your hair are so natural. Mine would never look like that. Totally beautiful hair.

What type of hair did you use for this? Where can I buy some? Thanks.

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So adorable beautiful work I wish I could get you 2 paint my toddler kit

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Thank you

Absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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