A Year Into Reborning

One year ago I began my dream of reborning. I still have so much to learn and a long way to go but I wanted to share my work room. It is cluttered to the point I have no where to put anything else but I have collected all of this over the past year and am rather proud that my family has allowed and encouraged me to do this. I would like to have a nursery room one day but right now it is all just props and stuff. <img src="/uploads/db4141/3209/6bc353dc2fc24cd4.JPG" width=“690” height=“457”>


You have a nice space. I love the kits hanging!

Keep up the good work. I don’t understand family members, who balk at reborning. We live in a strange world, where lack of personal responsibility and drug addiction are more acceptable than reborning. Did I die and wake up in an alternate universe or something?
My husband has always been supportive of me. If he wasn’t, I’d tell him just where to get off, though. I have supported all his ideas. The least he can do is stay out of my way, when it comes to this. However, I do have aunt’s, uncles, cousins, who had this holier-than-thou attitude until they saw what I got for my reborns. Screw them. I don’t need their imperial approval. They don’t pay my bills and I have never asked them for anything. Stick with your passion. That’s all I can say.


You have a nice little arrangement for yourself. Lucky you. :smiley:

Are those REALBORN boxes??? Wow, lucky you. Like your space, looks like you are very well equipped. Happy Reborning in 2015. Happy New Year,

Very nice room. I have a corner in the basement but I have it all nice and cozy.

Looks like you have a great setup and lots of props! Love the carriage! It’s surprising how much you can learn from photos about someone. Like your tv shows and your cat… Loving being able to get to know you better and congrats on the 1 year mark!

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Very nice setup, indeed! I love the carriage, too, and the prints you have on the walls. Happy First Anniversary!

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Its nice to have your own spot where you can get away and throw yourself into what you love. I find its a great stress reliever as well. I can go into mine and I am always amazed how the time gets away from me.