A video I saw!


Wow! That’s awesome to watch. Thanks


That’s awesome!

Beautiful? Who is the artist?

I see nothing, the video doesn’t work.

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Hmmm, that’s very weird. When I was on here last night the video worked fine, and now it isn’t showing up for me either.

It doesnt open

On my computer it says no video found.

I am not sure why it is no longer working but the video is called Take your baby home now by Mickeyfuns.com

The Mickeyfuns.com link worked for me. Shame on them. Every picture they display is stolen.

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This is one of many scammer websites being posted about. More keep popping up with the same content using others photos and videos to advertise crappy dolls made using illegal copied kits :rage::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I thought it was when I saw rebirthdolls.com but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the info!

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Removed link

They are so out of control . People are gonna be afraid to buy anywhere on line because of these scammers :frowning:. They are under so many different names!

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Mee too. It’s just black screen.

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I think they blocked it somehow