A Tree fell on my truck sale! 30% Off Suri Alpaca Fiber

30% OFF select colors of Suri Alpaca Doll Hair!!
Our processing times have been shortened back to our normal 3-5 days now that our alpaca 4H club is done showing for the season and our county fair is over but just as life was slowing down for the summer so we can relax and really vacation a massive storm came through and did a ton of damage, mainly to my new to us truck that took a whole limb to the hood on top of our biggest tree uprooting in our yard luckily missing my house and garage but since the tree didn’t technically hit either insurance isn’t covering anything and naturally we had just plpd on the truck so everything is coming out of pocket which means sales for you guys!!
We can also dye fiber almost any color if you dont find what your looking for in our shop :blush: just contact me on Facebook or Etsy before ordering


Sorry about your truck. :tired_face:

Oops! Will insurance not pay for the damage? Naughty tree

I don’t get how that wouldn’t be covered under an act of God or something. It still hit your truck. That doesn’t make any sense…

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Doesn’t make sense to me either but we get what we pay for I guess our car insurance is plpd which has no comprehensive coverage and our homeowners insurance said they wouldn’t cover it. The insurance agent has yet to come look at all the damage so theres a tiny chance he could work something out for us but he already stated homeowners would have the car insurance cover the car damages but with plpd it doesn’t look promising so now my poor little Rumble Bee will need a hood, drivers side fender and door I just keep telling myself it could have been worse if I pulled in any further the cab would have been smooshed to the floorboards and if the tree fell slightly more either way it would have taken out our garage or home… insurance would have actually covered that lol but they prolly wont even cut us a check to clean up this behemoth of a tree since it didnt touch either and missed everything but my truck!!!

She’s fixable but ironically I just told my fiance before this happened that the truck would look badass with a new cowl induction hood over the stock one so now since all repair will most likely be out of pocket we can have a little bit of fun with it since the truck is a limited edition truck that we wanted to restore more anyways

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I’m so sorry.

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I have never used alpaca. What is the texture like? Is like mohair, is it more like people hair, is it thick?

It looks beautiful and I am looking for some straight hair.

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and sorry about your truck, that bites for sure. Had a a big post fall off a truck and into our windshield once, luckily insurance paid but the deductible was outrageous.

Hope things work out well.

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It’s most like Mohair in texture, finer then human hair yet it’s still strong and silky soft. All of ours is straight after it’s processed but can be styled to hold a curl or wave.