A suggestion for future swaps

Since this is at least the 2nd time this has happened during a swap that I know of , maybe it needs more structure regarding participants. It might be a good idea if anyone participating be asked to pay a one time security deposit to be held in a “club” account, until they withdraw from the swap “club” - that should ensure only honest participants and offer security if someone does slip through or a doll is damaged. It would require one or more persons to be responsible for setting up such an account, but it should deter any theft activity if they have to invest something and go on record for that investment.

Further, proof of identity might be a good idea too. If someone wants to participate, then they should be able to provide that and the “club” should keep a copy of names & shipping addresses.

These are just some thoughts that probably needs some fine tuning, but it might be food for thought.

I was thinking maybe there should be a spot where we post pictures and updates and after the swap the new mom could get those if she chose and print them. We could post on that spot whose name we got and the person who is the leader could see altho it would seem that in this case the leader is the rat. If I had to give a huge amount of money for club I would not be able to participate.

Deb, I was not proposing huge amounts of money – I suggested maybe a one-time deposit that might be a deterrent to someone dishonest. Like I said, it is only a suggestion and it would ultimately be up to the participants. I just hate to see people taken advantage of!

As to photos, that person could send photos of any doll done - it is a dishonest person to begin with so how would you be sure???

Is there any way BB would be willing to have anyone participating in a swap send them a copy of their drivers license as proof of identity? That way there would be proof of where they live so the addresses the doll was sent to would have to match up and yet no one individual could get hold of other people’s identity. I mean we all trust BB whereas we don’t really know everyone on this site. All it would require would be sending a copy via personal email to the BB site addressed as swap info or something. Either that or pick someone on here who is well known to be the gatekeeper for swaps. She could just receive the copies of the id even if she wasn’t the one organizing the swap and inform the person doing the swap itself whether she had id from all participants. It would be harder for someone who is trying to be deceitful to come up with copies of id.

Oh crap mine does not match my address. I got my licensed before I moved.

LOL! Now you know why the dmv makes you update those right after you move! I got a warning once for not having mine changed two weeks after I had moved into a place when an officer asked me if I knew where someone he was looking for lived and I told him I had just moved there. He was really nasty and told me I only had three days to change the address on my license when I moved. I was young and scared and went to DMV the next day! Hope you get yours switched!

oh man I am friends with the officers here and have changed their diapers and fed them bottles and I am not referring to just my son. It costs money so I figured why bother until I have to spend the money

I have been in the reborning community for years and I am here to tell you I have seen hundreds of swaps and not one of them went off without a problem.