A scammer's buffet

I’ve notice several ISO(in search of) reborn posts on the FB dolly pages. These people put out all the information a scammer needs to hook them into being taken(price range, sleeper/awake, ethnicity, etc.) by providing that perfect baby pic that could be stolen. I find shopping this way to be very lazy when there are many places they can go to look for that reborn that will lower their risk of being cheated. If they are so passive in the way they shop, then they are unlikely to spend the time researching legitimate reborn artists.:rage:


Preach! :clap: So true.

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What do you recommend @cajuncuties? I look on Reborns.com or here. Sometimes eBay but I don’t like wading through Chinese fakes even after limiting search to the US only. I’ve never asked for a doll on facebook because of the scammers.

Either you ask and get someone trying to sell their old doll, or asking a lot for a boo-boo baby, or someone who wants “pm you” away from others and possibly scam you.

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Exactly. It just opens the door for let-downs and scammers to swoop in for an easy taken. Then, these people moan and groan about being scammed because they wanted a quick adoption. I guess they are hoping the ones that answer their requests are desperate sellers looking to make a cheap and quick sale instead of educating themselves on how to find a quality reborn. They are essentially making the seller come find them.
I also see this type of passiveness on job-hiring pages, too. People come on posting “resumes” wanting others to find jobs for them. I’ve even seen girlfriends and wives asking about jobs for their spouses.:hushed:


That last part is sad. He doesn’t want a job or he’d find one himself. Dump and move on girl. There are no quick adoptions in this hobby. Even eBay takes awhile. I researched years before deciding to buy one. Then I thought to try my hand first on my own, because I’m artistic and love making things with my hands.

No one hands someone a quality baby for less than 200 unless they’re new. There are no free Reborns and people act too passive. Ask questions, look at pictures from every angle with a lot of light. Know your budget, just don’t reveal it lol. I couldn’t imagine going to an electronics store telling my budget.


I hate that! Seeing someone selling a doll and when asked for additional photos, a safety photo or pricing information they respond with “PM me”. How about no? Post it on the thread that you have created as any potential buyer would want that info. I always wondered why people would do that, but if they are scammers it actually brings everything into sharp focus. I hadn’t considered that.


Don’t forget to search Canadian ebay listings too!

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