A really nice gift certificate from a reborn kit dealer

I won’t mention the name of the reborn kit dealer but that it’s name starts with a D. I have bought a few kits from them. Yesterday, since I am on a kind of a toddler reborn doll jag, I ordered a toddler kit that I have always wanted to do and a pair of glass eyes. After my purchase I got a gift certificate notice in my email that I was given a $109.00 gift!! I have never been given something like this out of the blue from any other reborn kit dealer. I know I have spent a large quantity of money in other dealers but never given that kind of reward for being a good customer. They will keep me for sure.

I want one!

WOW!!! That’s AWESOME!!!

Wow! Did they say why?!! Wonder if it was a drawing or something??? Curiosity again!!!


That is great!

Have you tried spending it yet, Des?

Nice :0
Let us know what you got with it!