A question for Emily or BB

So I’m just curious…with all this technology you have (scanning real babies, resizing kits, adding detail), is it possible for you to scan a mini sculpt and make it full size? For example, a 9" baby into an 18"? I thought of it last night and was just wondering if it would actually work in real life. :slight_smile: I know, I know. My mind is so random. :sweat_smile:

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@izzy it can happen …I think everything is connected to computers …today’s technology can do a lot

Izzy, I don’t really know anything about this, but I suspect that without some kind of enhancement, the detail on a 9 inch sculpt would not hold when resized to a full sized one. Just guessing, but it seems logical. I think the next thing may be babies designed on the computer instead of using sculpts. Perhaps they would integrate photometric (is that the right word) scans of real babies and artistically enhaned/altered images…
It seems like a logical extension of the technology.

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