A picture of my new dolly

really sweet. the hair is extremely soft! I knew he had one singular eyelash I was just going to replace them anyhow… Well I opened the box and got him out I didn’t see any lashes. Perfect I don’t have to figure out how to remove it. I was putting the clothes away he came to me with and low and behold it had I am guessing came off during shipping and was on the sleeve of a sleeper! Thought I would share that cute little story.

Had to use the flash option since it is quite late and dark in my home.


He is a little cutie!

He is darling @littleboyblue and welcome to the forum!

Thank you so much! I keep going over for snuggles. I told myself he was just going to be on display However as the day progresses I just can’t keep myself from snuggling. They feel so nice to hold.

I have not found a perfect snuggle baby yet but I am working on it!

He is cute! Pretty eyes

Darling Babe!!! :slight_smile: