A new prototype for BB



I seen this on facebook also but hadn’t heard about this kit yet.

Maggie by Cindy Musgrove… is it full body?

Oh! I thought it was going to be a boy. Surprise!
I hope it’s full body.

I think it said available as a boy soon - Maddox I think…


Omg gorgeous I want one! :heart_eyes:

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I am OVER THE MOON in love with these babies !!! anyone know the size -they look about 18 inches ?! BB any Idea when we will be seeing them ?

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Aww how sweet
Thank you for sharing!

Adorable! :blush:

Soooo cute

I saw this one at ROSE! So sweet!

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I forgot about the one at ROSE!

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Why cant they do a girl body or boy body that way you can decide which you want.

aww adorable

That’s what they are doing.

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It’s going to be both Maddox and Maggie

I can hardly wait! I love Maggie and Maddox. They are must haves.

I can’t wait either when released I’m going to get them and Joseph sweet babies

That’s great!

It has fingerprints! (by Melissa George). At first I thought-- oh cool, then I thought-- oh boy, I’m gonna have to add that to my list of things to try out.