A list for scams

I’ll post here and not on the existing thread. So…
Does anyone on here know if there is a “potential scammer list on here” IDK, i haven’t sold anything and from the sounds of it, it can be a real pain if you wind up with the wrong type of customer. People can drop names and brief description of situation. Then each person can decide for themselves to contact the poster-if they want to deal with it further. Personally, I would be inclined to just block that person, no questions asked. There’s a good list, but no bad list? :thinking:I understand it wouldn’t be right to bad mouth a potential customer, but if someone is having a problem and they post it, most likely they are having a big problem. Maybe title it-“Potential problematic Clients”. That’s my politically correct sarcasm speaking. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. :sweat_smile:

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There are plenty of such lists on FB, and most keep catching totally innocent people.

If sellers for instance on eBay were able to do such lists, I would be somewhere on the top. I just will not put up with not getting my items or getting items seriously faulty or not as described.
As i find it difficult to walk, I do not go to shops except local market and supermarket for food; everything else is bought on line.
Since just before last Christmas:
1- 3 dresses bought around the same time from 3 different seller never arrived
2- another dress has sleeves so tight that it only just fitted my 7 years old skinny granddaughter - I knew their sizes are on the small side so I ordered 3 sizes bigger (by their measurements) than I take normally
3- dress that was described as grey, looked grey in picture, came orange/brown - that dress fits perfectly, and the color sort of grew on me. i actually, love it now and wear it a lot.
4- vinyl fixing kit never arrived (ordered 4 months ago)
5- some reborning materials never arrived (about 5 months)
6- large expensive frying pan for induction cooker with bottom seriously not level
7- second large frying bought from another seller also warped base
8- 3 solar, light and movement sensor lights, only one works correctly
9- dress that was some foot smaller over hips than described in the listing
10- expensive shopping/groceries bags, which were so badly made the stitching was crooked and seams coming apart even before I used them

and I am sure there were some other problems, that slipped my mind now. All the sellers thought that I am being unreasonable complaining.