A Lee Middleton I am redoing for myself - FINISHED!

So I bought these Middleton parts at a great deal to restore for myself.

When stuffed, the baby looked like this:

I took the long haired wig off (too much hair for my tastes) and removed the glue from the hairline with a dremmel and some acetone. I cleaned up the vinyl which is in very good shape except for a couple freckle specks on the top of one hand and the back of one leg. These are the type specks that look like pepper ingrained into the vinyl. No big deal. Beauty Marks! I took some oil pastels and blushed baby’s rolls, cheeks, ears, nose and forehead. Oil paints take several weeks to cure but since this baby is going to be staying here it doesn’t matter. I love the look you can get accentuating coloring with oil pastels for just a little extra hint of blush. I pinked up the lips and sealed them with gloss sealer as well as added nail tips and sealed them too. I darkened the nostrils for depth and used a little matte sealer in them to make them look moist. I also replaced the eyelashes because I melted one accidentally while using a heat set gun to dry some of the oil paint on the face enough to handle it. I added a poly pellet pack to the bum and stuffed the body with poly fill and attached the head. Now we are just waiting on a wig.

The face before:


I just bought this in parts from a lady on DF. I don’t think the head originally went with the body. Yes, it is the sweet lips face. I have done all I am going to do to her/him except for putting a wig on it. I happen to love Lee Middleton dolls the way they are but this body pack had most of the paint stripped off it already so that was one of the reasons I decided to blush the baby. I have ordered a couple sizes/colors of wispy wigs and when I get one on the baby I will decide whether it looks like a girl or boy to me.

I have one other sweet lips Middleton and that is Sassy. Here is what she looks like:

I really prefer toddler dolls for my own collecting and am not just into reborn dolls. Here is a photo of some of my bigger dolls :

I love Lee Middleton dolls. Before I started reborning I collected them.
I have a room full of them. I have been looking for a sweet lips head
and was bidding on one last week. I’m glad, Angie, that I wasn’t bidding against you

The wigs came today. I spent a long time snipping and thinning until I got what I felt was the perfect little boy look to the hair! I am very pleased with him!

Now I just have to find him a cute outfit! I imagine him in a turtleneck and overalls but I have to find a set that will fit. Since he has the 3/4 limbed body, he is bigger than my other Middleton babies. His hips are wider and he measures 22" long.

I need a name for him too. Isn’t he just the most adorable face? Just makes you wanna give him a big smooch!

Thank you ladies. I think I am going to call him Christopher after Christopher Robin because I love Winnie the Pooh! I guess I need to find him a Pooh outfit huh?

He’s adorable and he would look so cute in a Pooh outfit!

Oh he is adorable!

Thank you Marlene!