A kit club subscription would be so cool

I would love it if @bountifulbaby @bbsupport would have a kit club, what do you think @EmilyBB?

Could have different subscription types
Artist Sculpts
And a mix

Maybe vote in a kit?

And kits would include body, rings and plugs and you could add on anything from the store to combine shipping if done within a set amount of time etc

You could subscribe for three months, six months or a year and pause or skip months if you didn’t like the kit… the year would be cheapest and if you paid for it up front it would be discounted… you know the way any other craft kit subscription worked.

That way we’d be assured we’d get the newest released the month they came out.

I’m just dreaming of course.

Maybe a six month trial subscription could be worked out to see if there was interest?

I imagine you would have to hire someone to handle all that though.

Could launch at Rose … :angel:t2:


A cool idea, but for me the shipping would be too expensive, unfortunately.

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A company tried this I think last year … was it Truborns maybe? It was a secret kit exclusive to subscribers every so often, 3 months maybe? There was little interest and I think they ended up selling off the last of the sculpts from the box afterward, unfortunately.

This was my “wish” when bb was doing the wish granting last time. I would like some type of kit of the month or a mystery box of kits/supplies like other companies sell for a subscription. You know like ivoryella, Birchbox or the character boxes.
I’m sort of a sucker for those. My son even got japancrate for a year that was filled with snack foods from Japan.

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Was that the mystery box kit that no one ever really got their kits for a really really long time?