A funny thought

What if they started mix and matching parts of different realborns

NB June’s smile on lailas face with skyas nose

Or Quinn’s mouth on darrens face with Dominics nose

I’m just throwing random kits out there but it could be pretty interesting given the technology that’s out there it could be done.

What parts of who would you like to see together?

I’d love to see a mix of Skya and June with June’s open hand


What ever happened to the kit that was designed at Rose in 2018 at the baby shower from all the different pictures of baby parts. It was supposed to be made into a kit wasn’t it? @jlesser do you remember it?


Yes that is how Anabel came about :wink:

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I would love the option to buy alternate limbs! I HATE double fists


I knew it had a name but couldn’t remember it so I didn’t know if it ever happened. :+1:

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“We have an amazing new Denise Pratt sculpt coming soon! This little girl’s name is Anabel. Anabel is a portrait baby, designed to look like the winning baby selected during a game at the Baby Shower for ROSE 2018.”

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And she is so cute!


That would be so neat :heart_eyes::+1:t2: