A friendly hello from a very green NEWBIE!

Hello BB forum… I just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to this community, artistry, and the reborn world all together. I am currently anxiously waiting the arrival of my first kit ever (Megan sculpt by Pat Moulton) and I completely feel like I did the day I found I was pregnant with my son, anxious, nervous, excited and scared. I have been eyeing these beauties for quite sometime and have talked myself out of heading into this several times because how could my artistry even compare with all of yours and let me tell ya, you all are amazing artist but I took the plunge … If you guys have any tips for this newbie all will be appreciated. Thank you for your time and here’s to a new adventure!


Welcome to the forum, Sheena!!! Megan is such a cute sculpt. Can’t wait to see how your first baby turns out :smiley:

Welcome!!! Can’t wait to see your baby!!! Post pics

Welcome, my name is Maddie. One tip I have is thin layers. Every layer should be about water color consistency. Unless you are going for a thick look.

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Welcome!!! Great choice Megan is a cutie. My tip is, enjoy and don’t be shy to ask any questions if you get stuck on the process. There are many wonderful ladies here, that would be happy to help. Cant wait to see your baby. :+1:

Hi, I am DJ! Glad to meet you! We love newbies and before long, you will be addicted too. Check out some tutorials on here and ask for help. Remember that stripping is always an option and a club most of us belong too. Don’t worry about tons of different colors and layers on your first one. Just get the feel of the art!

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Welcome! Megan is an adorable kit. You will enjoy working with her.

Welcome. Don’t fret. We all started at the beginning. If you post pictures as you go, we’ll help you. Will you be using air dry paints or Genesis?

Hi and welcome. What kind of paints are you using? It makes a difference when we go to give you tips!

Welcome to the forum.

OHHH! thank you all so much… I am happy to report, she arrived today… I’m excited to get started! she’s so tiny! So many little details and just beautiful little sculpt. I will be using airdry paints… I’m already in love with her just hoping I can do her justice!

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Welcome to the forum and the reborn world!

Welcome! The magnifying glass at the top of this page is your friend. Type in any questions you have and there’s a wealth of info there!

Have fun with Megan & be sure to post pics so we can see! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your first kit, she is a cutie. Please post pictures when she is finished so we can all admire her!! I see you are using air dry paint, may I ask which ones you have selected? Good Luck, you will love this hobby and watch out for the addiction it really sneaks up on you!! We all have it!!

Welcome and enjoy reborning.

I am using plaid acrylics because I have done so much research of the past few months and found that while genesis heat set paints are the most favored the paint thinners frighten me due to past experience and I don’t trust my oven in a baking process also chose plaid because they are readily available in my town if I need to replenish in a hurry :slight_smile:. I have eyed the luminare air dry paints but I’ll save those for when I become more comfortable and want to spend more… I do know to add the sealer in my paint mixtures a I go to help the paint to adhere to the vinyl… I just wonder about washes and undertones on a preemie:)

Make your first baby for you. Don’t buy a million things, just the basics. Spend a lot of time exploring the you tube videos (so much info out there). Don’t rush, be sure you love your layer before you bake it, Blend softly, be thoughtful and take your time, the key to success is a lot of subtle layers. Have fun.

Welcome to the forum! You’re going to love little Megan!

Welcome - every one here is great and just one big happy family!