A first for me

I am taking Corbin to work with me tonight so coworkers can see him lol. This should be interesting lol


Good luck :slight_smile:
I take a baby with me just about anywhere I go.

LoL I am not that brave

Everyone around here seems to love them. Either that or they’re really good liars lol
My younger cousin (11) loved my Asher so much that he used his 10$ to buy a baby doll from Walmart

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People will be thinking I am the crazy doll lady LOL

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Maybe lol. Most people just smile and say “What a cute baby” or “Oh! Such a little baby” Most people don’t even realize unless they come up close.


I’ve even had people ask to hold them.
I took Asher to Sears, And I was trying out strollers,cribs bassinets etc and a lady who worked there came up and asked how old he was :slight_smile:


That’s too funny lol

You’ll have so much fun, Mandy!

They really loved looking at him, and they were cuddling him LOL!


See! It wasn’t so bad! He’s really cute!

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I’m glad they enjoyed him. I’m sure that made you feel good.

I pulled his pants off and my store manager squealed about how his legs and feet looked soooo REAL. I was smiles from ear to ear :smile:


That’s awesome!

Thank you! I thought so too. When we were closing up tonight I was carrying him and a lady walked by outside smiling and looking lol

Nice! :blush: