A bit much

http://www.ebay.com/itm/271292357141?ss … 287wt_1421


I bet it’s a typo!!!


Or they are just really hoping

Got quite a few “watchers”, too.

Go figure.


I hope it is a typo or people will think we are all crazy! But would the kit be only $199? $999 wouldn’t be much better. Let us know if some (idiot!) buys it!

$999 for a KIT??? Sold out or not that’s WAY to much.


Well - I couldn’t resist so I asked the seller if $1999.99 was the correct price and she said it was. So good luck to her is all I have to say.


3 days to go and 82 watchers!! Guess people (like us) are curious.


You would think she would at least offer free shipping.

Wondering if all the watchers are just curious! She may be getting her hopes up for no reason! After searching completed listings and what sold and the prices, she is definitely crazy! She apparently listed it before with no luck. Someone else had 3 kits including jayden for $900 so there is a big price difference. On the other hand, one completed kit went for almost $6000. More than a silicone.

yes, a bit much!

It didn’t sell, so she has relisted it!!