A big preemie....is it a preemie?

I finished my girl version of Clyde…and she’s 7 pounds 10 ounces. Is that technically a preemie? I really want to list her as a preemie because I have a lot of hospital extras to include. My own ten-pounder would have weighed about this much if she had been premature. But that is unusual. You think of preemies being under 5 pounds.

So…should I not call her a preemie and remove the hospital stuff? Or explain she is a BIG preemie?
Hannalee 005 compressed


Arent those precious gift limbs?

You could always just say “Newborn”…newborns tend to have hospital extras as well lol and most people love heavy babies!

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Yes they are. You are very observant.

Precious gift is a newborn sized baby. That’s why your clyde isn’t preemie. I’ve reborned Clyde asleep…he’s more of a small newborn kit anyways. He was too big for preemie.


Also, where did you get the umbilical cord from? Lol

You are right. I do tend to mix and match limbs and end up with spare parts sometimes. Thanks for the observation.

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I made the umbilical cord.

You’re welcome. Because they look soooo newborn, you should totally be able to use your hospital supplies. Some babies come out needing those things even at full term.

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What if you sold as an ICU newborn? Many even full term babies need to spend some time in the NICU. For those mommies who had (or lost) such a baby, or for those with that “must comfort and protect the hurt” instinct I think a NICU baby would be desirable

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I would say newborn

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Thanks everyone for you very good suggestions.

I like the NICU idea, my nephew weighed 6lbs in a NICU, he was a month early.

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Aww wow! Very talented lol :blush:

My preemie sister weighed 1lb 6ozs at birth and came home with lots of hospital gadgets. My son who was full term 7lbs. 6ozs. Was a NICU baby for the first week and came home with hospital gadgets also.


Phyllis, can you post a shot of the cord? Do you mind sharing what you used to make it. I went to the store to look at sculptyclay and had no idea what i was dealing with. they all looked like they dried hard wondering if there’s a silicone option. ps. Clyde to me is newborn size, If you put in Realborn perspective and compare to thomas and there’s a big difference.

I made the umbilical cord for Hannalee out of air dry sculpey. I let it dry for about a week then sealed it and painted it with acrylics. Then I glued it to the cord clip on one side and put a magnet on the other.

I made another for my tiny Khaleah preemie from Maisie in a slightly different way. When just born, the cord looks kind of translucent and pale in color, so I used a vinyl glove finger (not silicone or any other type of material would work, I don’t think) I filled the finger with polyfill and then twisted it and glued it into shape. Then I clamped on the cord and did some minor prep and touch up with acrylic paint and glued a magnet to the underside.

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