42g German Forked Rooting Needle(s)

BB is out of stock of the subject needle. Where can I purchase this needle for a great price? Do I have to cut it? Thanks.

its a 10 pack though.

They will need cutting but lately i dont cut them. I root with them whole.

I just purchased some needles from dollsbysandie. Haven’t used them yet, but can’t wait to try them. They are said to be stronger with less breakage.

You can purchase these at almost any of the stores that sell reborn supplies. Yes, you have to cut them if you are using a rooting tool. I don’t cut mine. I just put a rubber band around the top to control my finger grip and voila! I had a rooting tool, but it annoyed me having to cut the needles.

This is a great needle, very strong. I hardly ever break one.

Hi Babytalk, Lynn here again. I have the forked needles and get really frustrated with them. They are strong and do not break easily but can be a pain in the rear to master. I use the 43g single barb and it is great, breaks easier but not nearly as frustrating. As you are someone who embraces challenge the forks may work well for you. Definitely a learning curve with them. Rooting in itself is a learning experience. Good Luck on which ever one you choose.

I didn’t have any success with the forked needles either. If you don’t like to cut the needles, Michaels sells a single needle holder in their felting section. My daughter got me one for Christmas plus everything else to learn needle felting! Don’t forget the 40% off coupon!

I love them…if they are in right tool it is always in right place…I can finish a small newborn head in 4-6 hours no problem. I might try 43 g forked too.

WOW! I am seriously impressed! It takes me about 20 hours with a 43g single barb needle. I can’t imagine that I would be any faster with a forked, but I have some and should probably give it a try. Do you root from the cut end with the forked?

You have to have the angle right and if not it won’t work. I have limited time- so when I do something I am very focused - like Harleys’ head was so small - I think about 4 hours is all- but I work for an hour, take a break and I usually do 2- 3 evenings during week.

Thanks everyone! I ordered 42 and 43g forked needles from dollsbysandie this week. There are 10 per pack, which is great!

The NuWave oven was delivered today.

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You go girl------sounds like you are on your way, can’t wait to see you first reborn !!