41 New Members Since April 1

WOW!!! Hello to all the new reborn artists that have joined us. Please make sure and read through the tutorial section. There is tons of info there. And dont’ hesitate to ask questions.

Also please feel free to read through the ‘Getting to Know You’ thread so you get to know us…and please add a bit about yourself so we get to know you.

Cindy, that seems like a lot of new people. That is a good sign. I hope they are 41 active people. There sure is lots of share and learn here. Thanks for always bringing the “Getting to know you” thread to the forefront.

No…they are not all active…31 of them have 0 posts. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t around reading and learning. I’m just encouraging full audience participation.

Hi, well i’m not active yet cant seem to get things going my way but i’m here reading and learning every day, I love this forum and all you ladies!! It just seems like u r at home here.


Yes, welcome. I wasn’t very active at first but then all of a sudden I kicked in and can’t seem to stop. I have learned alot here and I love the members they are all so helpful and encouraging.