3d hair painting

Has anyone used this for blonde hair? If so, is it worth spending the money? I don’t want to spend the money if it’s not.

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Totally worth every penny! Very detailed and well explained.

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I just dont use air dry so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure it out lol

You can totally use her technique with Genesis.

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Oh. Ok. That’s what I couldn’t figure out for sure!

Following I use Genesis and interested for darker hair

I want to be able to achieve the blonde color. I love how it looks!

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What kind of brushes does it come with? I wonder if Genesis can be used in them.

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In one of her videos on Fb she says she doesnt put the paint into the brush. She dips it like a normal brush and I think thins the bristles, etc.

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It’s exactly the same, only the colors change. So I like both but I could have just buy one.

I bought this tutorial at the last ROSE show, it came with the book, paints and brushes. She uses one of those brushes that you put the paint into----but----she just dips the brush in the paint (does not fill the brush). That brush came ALREADY trimmed by her. Truthfully-----I have not used any of it yet but have read over the tutorial and it is very thorough in detail. One of these days I’ll get around to it!!

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I have the brown kit, it’s very detailed, I’m still trying to master getting the hair to look more 3d, the brush is just a watercolour brush pen with a lot of the bristles plucked out, if you tug on them with tweezers they come out fairly easy and you dip the brush in the paint instead of filling up the pen


Thank you!

Do you like how the brush works?

I am not sure what the point of buying such expensive brushes, if it’s not to fill them. Can’t you get fine tip brushes at an art store ?