3babies I found at estate sale

Once in a while I’ll find a good deal and decided these 3 were going to stay in my personal nursery!!! Any idea who they are? I know one is Sophia!!image

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I don’t know what sculpts they are, but how exciting! Which ones are you keeping, and do you have new names for them yet?

Ashton Drake Emma awake and asleep by Linda Webb

Bottom right is Andi Asleep Linda Murray

I’m keeping all of them cause they do have flaws… naming them this week!!

I thought it was Sophia cause she was the box heart beat and soft tummy… plus her tag said.

I had the asleep one that my mentor reborn for me… but I love the awake one as well!! I won’t be reborning her as I love the way she looks!!

She is Sophia. Sophia and Danny from Ashton drake are both made from the and I kit by Linda Murray

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Thank you!! They’ve made my home so much brighter! Still thinking on names