3 yr june

Anyone know what size clothes and shoes 3 yr June would wear? And when she will be back in stock??

I’d guess she’ll fit 3T, but we’ll have to wait and see.
She should be released soon.

Clothing size will just be a guessing game until she is released lol Some of the 3T looks a little snug imo on the prototypes but with my luck if I went out and got all 4T they would be way too big. Anna Sheva did confirm she wears a size 7 in shoe though.


I have size 3 for her in clothing, but I think that size 4 would work fine, too, especially in the case of snug leggings; once those legs get filled, they are full! I have mine in a size 6 shoe and they fit perfectly. Going up half a size or a full size is always an option, too; roomier is better to prevent unneeded friction on the feet/nails. I purchased a body made in the U.K., as I didn’t want to risk not having a body when I completed the kit. Warning: your first impression of the body will be a bit of shock… that is one lengthy body but perfect for her. Do not waffle whether or not to purchase the armature, she requires it, and 36" plastic link armatures are SUPER hard to find; I found it impossible and I always use armature in every size, when possible.


Amazing job painting her. She is gorgeous!

Thank you! The sweater dress is a size three, but the stuffed body has “girth” and a 4T would have been a better fit. I do have a 4T dress for her, and the sleeves are a bit too long, but clear ponytail rubber bands hold them where they should be. And definitely, a size 4T in leggings and tights, it was like getting her into a pair of brand new jeans but I didn’t need to lay her flat to zip anything up. Oh, if possible, make sure that clothing has either a zipper or button to help facilitate clearance over her head. And I used to think buying clothing for my kids when they were young was a challenge! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, welcome back @Bon I’ve only been around 5 1/2 yrs. She is a beautiful 3year old!

Thank you, Annie! I am mainly a small to large doll artist, also A.A. art dolls, so I am newly returned to the BB forum.

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Thank you, KJ! My lackluster photography skills and a shy sun made it challenging to take pictures of June. Even though the site I list only allows 20 photos, it still took me hours to capture the true likeness. What’s worse, photo sessions or packing or rooting? To that I answer, yes. :wink: