3 year olds birthday wish

My granddaughter will be 3 Saturday and she has decided now she wants a monkey not a baby for her birthday. I have Wednesday and Thursday off from work. I have a sculpt but so help me I need a crash course on painting one and only like 1 needle left to root it. Any ideas how to quickly do a crash course on this subject to make a 3 year olds wish come true.

I would order one of the ones that are already painted and rooted. Save the stress.

I wish but I do not have the money and I have some unpainted sculpts

Oh my goodness… I wouldn’t know where to start… good luck to you… How is your mother-in-law doing??

Thank you Pia and she has had trouble keeping her blood pressure under control but she is walking and regaining her memory. UAMS said her kidneys could not handle the surgery to fix her aneurysm yet.

Good news though. God is good.

Debora, the only thing I would say is do alot of research and find pictures. Then I would start painting as if for an ethnic baby and just go darker.

Do you want to trade something? I have a factory painted bindi. Just pm if interested! Thanks

Maybe paint the hair like the photos of those ones BB has?

I have started one with my 6yr old but when i say started i mean only 2 layers, i copied the photo of bindi and used the instructions they have at the top of the page on how to paint. Im gonna be lazy and not paint around the mouth area and leave it. it looks a good colour.
Best of luck.

Your chimp is adorable!!!

Thank you ladies this is a really rough shift 2 hours sleep last night been going all day I am hoping for some sleep tonight.

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I copied evan nathers monkey and painted the hair on top of the lighter brown then added some of my sons hair. I dont think a three year old would care if the hair was just painted on.
Or you could just add a ridge of hair on top of the head.

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Soooo cute!!!

i agree very cute

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My neice wanted a monkey for her birthday also I did this one for her here it is with my Holly

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Teresa, your monkey is really cute… and I think her dress is perfect…

WIPS of the monkeys

Oh ok guess you are all set with mine now right

you rock.

TY Pia I have done another coat on the black and the tongue and nails since these pictures and I will finish today unless God forbid something awful happens. I guess I will just heat some rice to pour in the limbs.

Wonderful! They look terrific for sure!


Looking good to me! I still have as of yet to attempt to paint my monkey kit.
If I were you, I would only root hair on the top of the head and not the limbs. It is not going to fare well on the body with being handled by a 3 yo. Maybe you can take a different color and paint some hair strokes on the limbs. I would have thought darker color but someone above mentioned lighter so that must be the way to go. I will remember that when I paint mine. I am wanting mine to look more black like a chimp as it is for my husband who wants him to look like a Planet of the Apes baby Caesar. So I have to get it right!