3 month Joseph limbs... what do I do with these?

I bought a set of first-quality Realborn Joseph limbs, just because I was super curious to see if they’re as big as people say they are… and YES, they do not disappoint!!

But now I’m faced with a problem… what do I do with them? Should I wait for a 3-month Joseph head to turn up, or would it be better to sell them?

Here are some pictures, just for fun!


Just wait for the head

Joseph’s head is really large. The limbs could be matched with a slightly smaller head. Perhaps a kit that has 3/4 limbs that would look great with those full ones?

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Some people received a Joseph head when they bought test parts - someone might want to buy them or might sell u a head - just a thought


Make a headless reborn for Halloween. :rofl:


Yes! You could find something of the right size and with some heft to it, bloody it up and tie it up in a sack, and carry baby’s “head” in a bag!

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Is there a possibility that Libby’s head would work with those limbs? She’s pretty big, might work.

How much would you sell them for

If you dont want to sell them you could use easton head would work perfect

The limbs actually already sold, but thank you all for your advice!