3 month Joseph awake is today’s kit of the day!

BB has made my day! I bought one to paint after I paint my sleeping Joseph. They can be twins. :slight_smile: anybody else have plans for this kit?


Too big for me, I like newborn size kits. He’s really cute though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t have specific plans for him. He has been in my stash for quite some time now. I hope to paint him someday. :slight_smile: You guys do all your dolls so well, I should have plenty of inspiration when I do paint him.

This one was really cute- one of the only open eyed Realborns I’ve made

image image


I’m restricting myself for real this time. No more kits until I sell one

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same for me, but it’s hard!

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Last time I said that I bought Levi, loulou and Romy then felt so guilty I bought Alexa and big joe asleep :tired_face: so yeah I need to be serious this time.

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I’ve painted quite a few Joseph’s. Customers are always requesting that kit lol. They dread rooting his large head though.


I just finished the awake one and have the sleeping one that I am dreading. That head took forever to root.

Thank you! She is shown in 9 months clothing