3 gal. Glass Bowl Convection Oven

After reading a post here this morning, I’ve purchased the 3 gallon convection oven from Home Depot for $33.00. I plan on trying it out tonight and will post a review tomorrow. I’m not sure if my review will be of any significance as this will be my first time baking and only my second doll. But I will let you all know how it goes anyway.

I posted a suggestion for you on the other thread that you mentioned the oven in earlier. I look forward to your review. @BrandiWalker is using hers and is very pleased with how it is working for her!


Just saw it, thanks again @pia, I can already tell you are a valuable source of information!!! Thank you so much!

That is a great price on that. Does it come with an extender ring?




@micholc, Yes it does, @pia just posted a photo of it with the extender ring attached. I can’t wait to try it out.

I just bought 2 of them. One for me and one for a Christmas present. Great price. We just missed them on sale for $28.00. $33.00 isn’t bad thoe. I cannot wait to use it! I bought it from home depot and they only have 5 left in my area. Glad that I found the post about this. I didn’t really want to pay the prices I have seen for the others… Thanks for posting this! :slight_smile:

I just bought one too trying figure out the temp now it’s really nice an what a great price. They asked if I wanted a warranty for 2 yrs it was 40.00 more then the oven lol

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Wow! I did not get asked that. I wouldn’t pay that much for that. I think the $33.00 is well worth it thoe!

Wow! Thanks to you ladies on this forum, my husband went to Home Depot with a picture that I printed out of the oven and he purchased it for $29.00! They gave him a Military Discount of 10%!! It looks fantastic and I can not grasp how affordable it was!!! Can you please tell me what settings you use or anything else that would be of importance?

My first convection oven never did work properly and I would just love to be able to get this one right from the start!! A melting head was my first exp and if it has ever happened to you it is so disapointing it is, not the way to start reborning!!
Thank You!

@dguerrera Yiu need to buy an oven thermometer and check to see what setting will get you to 265. Bake for 8 minutes, but the temp just needs to reach 265 for a couple of minutes to set the paint.

Thank you again Pia, you are a blessing! I have the oven thermometor from BB, I guess I just set it on the bottom with the vinyl parts. Do you think I should put polyfil at the bottom of the bowl? I will not bake a kit until I am sure that I have all the info that I can get.!
Thanks have a great day!
Debbie G.

Mine is still in the box and I am using my NuWave for now. I have a towel on the bottom rack of mine and I hang my thermometer on the hand,e part of the rack. You want to be sure the kit doesn’t touch the thermometer and leave a mark on the vinyl.

My husband said that he wasn’t asked about buying the insurance either. You are right about the oven it is really nice and a great size!

I have a different brand, but it looks just like that. I never could get the thermometer to work right inside. Took 6 min to reach 265 and different degrees depending where you placed it inside. I set mine at 300 degrees and bake for 8-9 min. It seems to do well at that.

So glad I got on here today! I’m going to town tomorrow and guess what one of my stops is going to be… I have been planning to ask “Santa” for a Nuwave for Christmas but this is so affordable that I don’t plan on waiting to try it out. One of the reasons I haven’t been doing much reborning is because of having to bake with genesis (and I’m out of most of the air dry paints). I had to get Cait to interrupt her schoolwork to put kits in and out of the oven or wait till the neighbor boy was here ( a 22 year old boy with aspergers syndrome that pretty much lives here anyway) or hubby was off. Big hassle. So I’ll be bad and set the oven on a table in the bathroom near me and run the fan to vent. No more bending, yeah!!!

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@djjessie228 I was just wondering if you were able to get your oven the other day?

I got it yesterday and plan to try it out today. I was hurting too much last night to even get it out to try putting a kit in it for size. Hoping my nephew doesn’t steal it to cook the turkey in! I checked the availability online and was able to find it right away in the store. It will make the switch from air dry to genesis a lot easier since I don’t have to bend or worry about the head rolling off. I’ve been having to bake heads on their side when the kids put them in and out of the oven so happy to have that worry over! I’ll let you know how everything fits later today!

@pia I put the thermometor on the underside of the handle part and I added the extender so that no vinyl parts could get any bad marks, as you have suggested. I guess at this point the other questions I have are:

  1. should I put a towel or polyfil at the bottom of the glass?

  2. Finally should I use the metal racks in the oven? The rack is two levels and not much difference in space between the two so I thought it would be more of a problem than not what is your opinion?
    Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it so much!

I have not tried this oven yet. I use the bottom rack in my NuWave though. I think the air probably circulates better when it is on a rack? Maybe someone using the eWave will jump in with advice. I do keep my thermometer in the oven ALL the time and check it with each kit. I have a towel in the bottom and have never tried fiber fill. If you use a towel or a diaper, be sure it has been washed to get rid of the lint and avoid the use of fabric softener.

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