3.down 1 to go yay finally

Finally getting Asher can’t wait to see him :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


Yes! I know how you feel. I got the one I wanted most. Asher asleep now to wait for him Awake. It’s going to be interesting to see what else goes on sale after all 4 have been out. I have enough to keep me busy for a long time now. :slight_smile: they are all worth it!

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I’m wondering if they will wait to release any more realborns for a while since presley awake hasn’t sold out yet (73 to go). And if they are going to keep releasing new sculpts done the “old-fashioned” way with clay. Not that they don’t already have plenty of kits to choose from but because I’m curious. I read an article in the newspaper about computerized modeling and have a feeling that things are going to change in how kits are designed over the next ten years. But the older part of me still thinks there is something special about an artist using hands and clay to make a “real” baby. Just one of those subjects that goes thru your brain debating which is better… I just want one of each kit on the market to play with and I’ll let you know which is best after I play for a while!


Yay I have Asher I do love him so much he’s gonna be a cutie :blush::blush:

I can’t wait for Asher Awake. I didn’t get Asher Asleep, as I really didn’t care for him with eyes closed. I think that there will always be room for the sculpts. There are some really talented sculptors out there with some really coveted kits.

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