3/4 limb bodies leg position

Why do all the 3/4 limb bodies have such a wide space between the leg caps? They look unnatural to me. Real legs certainly aren’t connected like that. If the bodies were narrowed at the bottom they’d hang more realistically.


My real babies’ butts wiggled out of the diapers cause their hip area was so narrow. lol
(plus they were all skinny and short. lol)


I agree Jean, I have mentioned this so many times before, we are NOT built like that. I have thought about doing a ladder stitch in that area to draw it in some, it is totally unnatural. Why don’t they redo that pattern??

This is another reason I hate 3/4 legs and always switch them out. Mostly I dislike leg caps, but I also do no like the huge wide crotch. JMO


I sew mine when needed!

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