23 in baby Scarlet by Cindy Musgrove new kit

23 in baby Scarlet Kit by Cindy Musgrove-- this is the kit cindy posted will be made here i think

Oh no sorry Andrea this was a picture I found of the upcoming bb kit scarlet

your welcome! i get so excited when i see a new kit we are getting n have to run n share!

Love this one also!!!

Wow 23 inches, She would be so fun to reborn:)

B.B. is getting this kit? Ok i want it if they do but i have ine question, who will paint the hair like in the picture for me?

I know i want her so bad, when i saw on Cindy’s facebook page that she was going to be made by BB i got excited but its not up on their list of upcoming so we have to wait…

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i love the limbs but not so much the face. I think she looks unhappy. And sort of squished. I know that is just my opinion, I’m sure most will love her. Could just be the angle too. I do love the limbs though.

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I agree with you too…

and yes i want those elves i cannot wait!!!

I think Scarlet has the potential to be PERFECT!!! All of her facial wrinkles are being highlighted. They need to be subdued just a bit then she won’t look so frowny.

shes cute i do like her she is just a lil crabby lol