2024 Rose Show

As many of you already know, we (Bountiful Baby) have turned the Rose Doll Show back to Sarah Mellman. We no longer own the Rose dba’s, nor the Rose website. Thus, legally, we have no connection to Rose. It belongs to Sarah.

Should Sarah decide to host the show at the Davis Conference Center (DCC) in Utah, please do not send any Rose packages to Bountiful Baby in advance of the show. From our experience with the DCC, I know that they will accept packages in advance of a show, so you will need to ship them there. As for Denise and I, we are not sure where we will be this summer. It is possible that we might take a long needed family vacation. We just don’t know at this time.

Folks, Sarah is going to need your support to make the show successful. With that support, I know it can be. Please join her and help make 2024 Rose a fantastic success!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


I guess that means my credit for the ROSE show is no longer valid, correct?

Someone should have refunded it years ago!

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I think they did. I know I was refunded

It wasn’t money I paid. It was a prize I won in a BB contest.

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Beats me??