2022 ROSE show

I’m not going this year. I just feel like it’s going to be too big of an expense for the size of the show. I live on a small fixed income and decided that the inconvenience of Not being in the same Hotel as the show is more than I want to deal with. So I have decided to just wait until next year so I can once again enjoy the “Full Show”. I’m so sad cause the wait has been so long and I have missed everyone so much BUT it is what it is. I’m also disappointed about the food situation. I’m old, ignore me.


I’m not going this year, either, Lynn, for all the same reasons. I’m also not convinced it won’t get cancelled again. I hope not, though.


I don’t think it’ll be cancelled again but just thinking about the people who come from other countries and the covid tests they have to get before they can board a plane, wonder is anyone from far distances will make the trip? I wouldn’t. I’m very confused about the new IRS regulations regarding our hobby too. I’m thinking about selling all the stuff I have, just keeping a few of my good kits and calling it quits. I don’t want to deal with all the crap. By the way, does this mean they only report transactions over $600 dollars? What if you buy/sell for less money than that?

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If you sell less than that I don’t think you have to claim it but I wouldn’t swear to that.

The $600 is total in the year. I believe


Does everybody think this is outrageous or is it just me. Geez, can’t even have a hobby anymore.


I’m with you. 600 dollars is ridiculous


It’s insane. I’m wanting to be over it. I’m on a kit hoard right now :pensive: this is a hobby for me. Hobbies are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. This is bringing me so much additional stress. :smirk:

I have other hobbies but then again what’s the point?


I can imagine a lot of people will just ‘give up’ this hobby. Between the new tax laws and the illegal sculpts, what’s the point?


It’s still fun. I think the tax laws will kill it before the stolen sculpts.

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Yes, it is outrages and just trying to figure out how to do it and what to apply (SS-4) for Business name or not to apply gives me such frustration, because you can’t write off anything off hobbies.

#1 below does qualifies it as ‘Hobby’ :slight_smile:
#2 below disqualifies it as ‘Hobby’ :frowning:

The IRS defines a hobby as an activity:

  • You do purely for the love of it, regardless of the cost.
  • You expect no profit in return.
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If you’re wondering if ROSE will get cancelled, that is extremely unlikely. My dad only plans to cancel if he’s forced to. The way that things in Utah are going right now, it’s unlikely that we would have to cancel. Utah legislature even recently voted to end the latest mask mandate pretty much the moment it started.

I do understand concerns with traveling right now, and it’s hard to say what will happen as far as flights, etc, go. I hope everyone does what feels the best to them. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the future!



I’m so glad I’m only 14 hours away and can drive.

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