2021, it's a wrap

I would love to say it was a lovely year, I sold a million babies, my pockets are full, my life is one big happy Facebook post, but…

I can say, it wasn’t terrible, I made as many babies as I could while homeschooling (which were not very many), very frustrating.

I sold the babies I made so I am grateful.

There were some happy memories made with my boys in Hawaii, I consider Hawaii “home” I lived there as a child, I Have family (in laws) there, I try to go every year but the last two trips got cancelled because of COVID. This year we stayed isolated, rented a quiet place, stayed on local beaches, cooked our own food, kept to ourselves but it was what my heart needed. It was my favorite part of the year. (and we tested negative before we left and negative when we returned home, thank you vaccines, n-95 masks, and good hand washing).

The last of the ship before Christmas babies are done, I get to rest a little, do the holiday thing and in January start all over.

I made a lot of yummy dishes, I had a nice garden, I didn’t lose the covid 20 but I didn’t borrow 20 more.

We got a living tree this year to decorate and we will plant it in January up on a hill we like to hike and watch the sunset, I hope it lives long, grows big and is home to critters.

My daughter is dating a nice guy I get to meet Christmas Eve.

Now I have to manifest 2022.

Here is my list, I want to hear yours, and your 2021 challenges or highlights.

  1. I want to make a series of 20 fabulous babies. I have been planning them and gathering supplies and stuff for them. I want them to be fun and interesting.

  2. I want to start running again, I took a break and honestly I can’t say why, and my brain and body miss it. 5K this year, in the spring.

  3. I want to save some money this year. Last year I did my best to pay down any and all debt we had. I have my car to pay of this year, and my Christmas shopping (sigh) but after that I want to start a little savings just for me, not much, my gran would call in Pin money. I want to feel that tiny bit of safety net under me.

  4. I want to paint on canvas more. I love it, it makes me happy. I need to get back to it. I have been painting vinyl for the last couple years more and more and I have forgotten about how good it feels to show up to a big blank canvas.

  5. I want to try and be a better mom. I have been a stressed out hot mess the last couple years and I have not shown up the way I want or need to. This is my last little, he has been stuck in the house with me during all this and he is lonely, bored, and sometimes a little uncertain about what all this is about. I have not been focussed on his point of view, I have not been fun, or silly, or a stand-in friend, I am going to try harder, do better. (Lord I hate homeschool).

  6. I am going to lose the 20 I gained, not sure how but damn I am gonna try. My next door neighbor is my age and had a heart attack. He is fine now, had to get the cardiac rotor-rooter, he will have to drop 60 pounds, eat better, move more, take meds and work less stressful hours. He is a strong guy, always on the go, physical job, happy dude. He felt jaw pain, ignored it, thought he was clenching his teeth because it is cold out. Then he drove a couple hours away to go deep sea fishing and felt the jaw pain and a tightness in his chest, not a terrible pain just uncomfortable. Drove home and thought, “wonder if I am having a heart attack” He had a physical scheduled a couple days later for insurance and they sent him to the emergency room by ambulance, he was actively having a heart attack. He was rushed to surgery. He called his wife on his way in to let her know.

I don’t want that to be me.

  1. I want to give up processed sugar. I have tried so many times but damn it this year is my year.

  2. I want to be a better friend and add some new women to my tribe. I need people, I need good people, healthy, smart, funny and interesting. Covid is friggin lonely.

I am sure that list will grow but that is where I am.

What kinds of things are you looking forward to next year, what hurdles do you want to leap over, what challenges do you want to smash? What healing do you want to do, and how can you be just a little kinder to yourself in 2022?


2021 was a wonderful year despite its trials and hardships. I could focus on the horrible economics, COVID, failing president and so many other negatives if I were to do so. Instead, I choose to thank God for all the many gracious blessings He has given me! God has blessed me in ways I can see and ways I have yet to understand. He has protected me in times of danger that I did not know. My family has not seen starvation or homelessness. While my pocket books may not be as full of money as I would wish, I am sustained and able to work and earn income. I am thankful for a job and the ability to work. I sold several dolls and some may have been for less than I preferred but I have the confidence in knowing my artisty has brought joy to others. There are many things I would like to accomplish in 2022. There are dreams I dream and prayers I am praying for answers yet to see. I look forward to knowing that regardless what lies ahead, I am blessed with mercy, love and forgivenss that will follow me all the days of my life here on this earth. In this I am most rich!


I will be glad when 2021 will be over and behind me. I don’t know if 2022 will be better or worse but but it will be different.
The covid depression got me a little. I sure hope not loosing more family members.

-I need to loose weight and start walking more with my dog. I have neglected him a bit, I admit, mostly because my knees hurt.

-They will hurt for the rest of my life, I need to learn to live with the pain as well as the almost constant pain in my right arm.

-I want to find my style in reborning. I tried so much different things and I want to get better, be unique.

-I want to bring my YouTube to 5000 subscribers :sweat_smile:. Not for the money but because I love teaching and having interractions with people.

-I wish covid will slow down and allow me to do some reborning classes in my area as more and more artists emerge here.

-I want to find a job, to be able to get through the inflation and put money aside to buy our dream house in a near future.

I generally just wish that we learn to live with this virus soon so my children can have a normal life again.


LOL I had to edit my post to get my years right! I was posting early this am and not fully awake yet. LMBO!

Amen to this! :heartbeat:

I’m praying that 2022 is better than the last two years, 2020 I lost my mum and then my siblings (except one) disowned me because a DNA test showed I had a different father (apparently that is my fault) :roll_eyes:.
2021 I lost one of my dogs to a brain tumor which was difficult to deal with for myself and my kids, we all adored him so much.
My 32 year old daughter has rheumatoid arthritis and this year it has progressed quickly, she (and my 3 year old granddaughter) live with me and I’m her sole carer, some days she is in so much pain she just cries because she can’t do anything else.
As well as taking care of her I have to take care of my granddaughter too, I love them both dearly but it’s not how I imagined my life at 52 years old, I’m not complaining and I wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of them, it just breaks my heart to see her in pain 24/7.

So for 2022 I pray that my daughter’s medication finally starts to work and she can be the mum she always imagined she would be … That’s all I wish for!


Hugs to you!

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I’m sorry for the loss of your mum. How sad your siblings don’t understand that family isn’t just blood and I’m assuming you have the same mother. Their loss. I will pray for your daughter.


I’m so sorry… There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to do something for them :sweat:. As for your siblings, they need a size 7 boot in their @$$…sorry not sorry. Family is about far more than DNA… Big hugs to you and prayers that your daughter gets some relief :heart:


Will pray for your daughter…that the meds will work for her.

My sis in law and niece have RA and it is a terrible thing.

Does your daughter eat a gluten free diet?

That has tremendously helped both my sis in law and niece.

They swear by it…my niece has been off all her RA meds now…going on 4 years!!!


No, she has a lot of allergies, Dairy, eggs, bananas, sunflower and shell fish so her diet is very limited as it is, I think she would struggle if she had to cut out gluten too but I will mention it to her thank you x

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P.S. chatrat is right family is more.than DNA…

I agree with her about the size boot too🤣


There are a lot of good tasting gluten free products these days.

It sounds like your faith has carried you through some difficult times and you have blessings that sustain you. I hope you are able to accomplish your those things in you hope to in the coming year.

(I have a hard time restraining myself when it comes to politics and science but my goal moving forward is to let people feel what they do, it is not my job to change anyones mind, it is my job to stay open and understand that we all are coming to these trying years from where we are, and we are not all in the same place. Tolerance and understanding are humbling and difficult sometimes but growth can’t happen any other way.)

2022 Bring on the good stuff we are ready for it.

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I am sorry that you have to live with pain, that is so unfair. Sending you lots of healing energy. Hope you find the perfect job and start your savings journey, I will visualize you being handed the keys to your dream house.

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I am so sorry for your losses, and what jerks your siblings are, you would think they would be supportive of you at this time, it’s like losing two parents.

RA, my mother had that, so painful. I am glad there are new meds coming to market that seem to offer some help. She is so lucky to have a mom to help her at this time, I am guessing she wouldn’t want anyone else taking care of her daughter.

I will keep your daughter in my meditations and hope she gets some relief and that science and technology level up their game when it comes to autoimmune disease.

Stay strong mama, you are amazing.

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My prayers and love to those of you who have pain and suffering whether physical or of heart. I understand it can be very difficult to move forward sometimes when the burdens weigh heavy. Love to you ladies all as everyone pushes on for what lies ahead.


As this year winds down I reflect on how incredibly good God has been to me.
Even though…

We lost Chucks dad.

My dad is slowing down tremendously and it’s heartbreaking to watch this strong proud man becoming so feeble and more child like.

Chucks brother had a heart attack…and survived!!!

Here on the compound we have all but 2 had covid v and un-v alike.
I have fought with lethargy and depression as I have recovered.

Many in our neighborhood and church have had covid and some have died.

I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto him against that day!!!

God is good all the time…in the valley…this stupid covid valley…going on 2 years now …and on the mountain top.

My joy does not come from my surroundings…that would be happiness…I need joy more than happiness.

My life has been so blessed and God has been with me every day…
Days when I just wanted to sit in bed and days when I made myself get up…go outside and look around at what beauty and wonder is around me…
even just in my own yard!!!

I love the psalms when I am troubled, worried or sad…
They remind me I am not alone and that I am LOVED!! :heartpulse:

Psalm 43:5
Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

I want the old optimistic energetic me back…but I think covid killed her :rofl:

My plan is to take one baby at a time and go from there…I am old…and tired…:wink:

I will just keep on keeping on and keep my eye upon the eastern sky!!! :grin:


Thank you for sharing your list, Gabriell :heart: I can so relate on the mom and friend issue!!! I have to do better!!! It really is hard when life is hard :confused: I can really relate to almost everything you mentioned!! I so want this year to be joyful and less stressful :pray::pray::pray:
A helping hand around my house would be really nice too!!

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Yes girl!! Perfectly said!! God is Good all the time!! It’s an amazing gift that anyone can have. Is the peace that passes all understanding. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: