2 right feet

Have any of you ever started to put a kit together and discovered you had 2 right feet? Well leave it to me! My Ben has 2 right feet! Just how this day has gone!

Well he’s off on the “right” foot at least! Good to hear from you again Debra Missed hearing from you and I hope all is well.

The question is; does anybody else in your cupboard have now 2 left feet, or did the kit come like that? I have once received a kit with one arm from another kit; I noticed as soon as I unpacked it, and one arm was obviously bigger and fatter (not too mention noticably stripped)! The seller was not very pleasant about it, accusing me of trying to scam her.

I haven’t run into this problem yet. Thank goodness. However, I haven’t been so lucky with the people I have been dealing with on eBay. I guess I better really pay attention when I unpack my kits from now on.

I have no idea I will have to go thru all my kits tomorrow and see. This could only happen to me!

Now to match the paint job. I don’t envy you. The bad thing is that you painted the whole kit without noticing…unless another kit was getting painted at the same time and has the two left feet! Maybe you were sleep-painting after working one of your long shifts!

Yes, it might be I have been sick and tired for this whole dang year. I had H1N1 and that crap just hangs on. I will get thru the kits and see what I can find. I may just have a baby without a leg, I might have to make a pirate. Bad thing is I have a spare test part the right size but guess which foot it is?

I learned the hard way (as in too late to return it) to inspect every kit the minute it arrives, but I’ve never gotten one with two of the same limb.

Are the two right feet the same, or are they from different kits? (it’s awful either way, but I too am wondering if you have two left feet in with another kit, or if you were just sent two right feet when you purchased Ben). If your kit came that way, you really need to contact BB. Even if you’ve had the kit for a while, I have found their customer service reps to be quite helpful. I think by now they probably realize that we hoard kits for future use, and don’t always get to them right away.

They both look just alike so I think same leg/feet. I may have a pirate.

Could you make it into a doll to donate to a children’s hospital? Maybe send it to St Jude’s or a big hospital in Little Rock? Doesn’t help you get any money from it but would save you having to try to match the paints…if you find the left leg!

I might who knows, You know me the wheels are always turning.