2 different vinyl colors on Asher?

I got my BB order today. I ordered Asher and Kase realborns and a Spencer kit. Although I got the Realborn babies on the sale price, they are not supposed to be 2nds. However, my Asher’s head is not exactly the same shade of vinyl as his limbs . While it is a slight difference, it was immediately noticeable to me and I would prefer they matched. Hubby says it is in my head but to me the baby’s head looks slightly more yellow and his limbs slightly more pink. Does anyone else see this?

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Yes, I totally see it!

I can kinda see it but it’s so faint it’s hard to tell if it’s different colors or just the lighting/shadows. Of course, I’m going off a picture and you see it in real life. :slight_smile:


My monitor is not showing any color difference.

I don’t see a difference.edit when I zoom in I notice it a little bit

I see it

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It’s so minimal I would just go with it. Skin tones aren’t 100% the same over the entire body so it’ll look fine.


I don’t see yellow in the head, but again, we’re going off a picture and you see it in real life. I see that the head is darker though. I’ve read other ladies on here complaining about the limbs and head not matching on Asher. I think they were saying bc the limbs are the same, the head was made at a different time or with a different batch of vinyl so the colors were off a bit, as each batch of vinyl varies from the next. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but if it really bothers you then you can correct it with a wash or two later on, after you get some layers on you might not notice it as much

I cannot see it, but even if there is a bit of difference, after few layers of paint it will be impossible to see. If after few layers you still think that one is bit more yellow and the other too pink just neutralize each part appropriately.

My computer doesn’t show a difference. Any better lighting?

Okay then I am not crazy! I do think it is workable and can be fixed with painting but it does bug me a bit.

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It almost looks as if the head has a yellow wash on it. It would bug me too but you shouldn’t have any trouble fixing it.

The head looks darker but I had bigger problems and BB didn’t fix it ,…so I am assuming they would’t care about this .
You can match the colour and tone while working on it … The had may need a lighter flash or the limbs one darker …also when you ad mottling etc. It will be hardly noticeable .

I ordered 5 of each of these Asher Awake and Kase Asleep and they do have different colour vinyl heads…Mine were all first quality as well…I had the same thing with Miracle by LLE, a couple of Phil Donnelly sculpts and others so they must be they’re doing head at a different factory or they are not using the same colour mix batches when they are manufacturing them…
You are not nuts…they are definitely different colours…they do tend to come up fine though when you paint them…I didn’t have to do any real difference in paint layers to the head from the limbs to get them to match…so that was a relief… :smile:


I saw the difference in color immediately so if it’s all in your head, it’s in mine, too. lol

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