19" kit with full limbs

Friend wants me to make a doll for her but it must be about 19" and have full limbs. Any ideas? preferably not BB.

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So I know this is probably ruled out but Twin B has full legs (3/4 arms) and is 17 inches (you could probably make her 19 with the right body). I can tell you first hand her details are AMAZING. Just a thought :blush:

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Freya by Tina kewy

Owen Francis by Laura Tuzio Ross

Zachary or Phoenix Brace
Erin Stoete

alexa by joanna kazmierczak! She’s a cutie

Thanks, everybody, I will run the options by her :slight_smile:

Skye marita winters

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LOL actually I’ve got her, somewhere in my stash :slight_smile: Just need to find her …

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