12 inch doll clothes for Mini Ophelia

Does anyone know who makes clothes to fit Mini Ophelia? Thanks,



Are you saying you make clothes to fit?

I sew, but I’m not familiar with that doll. What size is it? If I had patterns I’m sure I could come up with some outfits. Let me look into it and get back with you.


I am thinking the romper (style E) would look cute in some botanical print or something with forest animals like frogs, bunnies, etc. Actually the jacket done as a vest in a coordinating color would be cute too.

I saw the one featured on Dolls by Sandie and loved the little hat. I’m sure I could make something like that using the hat pattern as a base (style F)

This pattern is for a 12" doll. I’m sure Ofelia would be larger at the waist . If you could measure her leg inseam,waist, and arm length from the shoulder, I’m sure I could make adjustments.

Unless you have something specific in mind, I could make up a few outfits, and if you don’t like them I can just sell them on ebay.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I was sort of hoping I could get something Christmas made, something that would look like a girl elf. I am going to need two. Any suggestions for that? Thanks again.

Perhaps you could do a romper of striped red and white fabric and then a green jacket like style E? A hat shouldn’t be very hard if you know the circumference of the head.

Or a little red suit, make it an elf on the shelf! :joy:

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I need the inseam measurement. That’s from the crotch to the heel. And the waist. I think I can come up with something.

I will send you the measurements tonight.