11" Unjointed body?

I want to get LE Mini Arisha, which takes an 11" body. But I can’t seem to find one that is unjointed. She has full arms and legs. Either strings or zip ties is okay. Any ideas, like is it okay to buy a 10" or a 12" instead?

Thank you.

12" will work. 10" might be too small. I think she comes with a body. At dollssoreal.com she does and she’s in stock.

Oh, thank you! I was looking on another site and didn’t know about the one you posted.

Does it say body has to be ordered separately? There are some other sites I looked at where she’s on pre-order but they all said body included.

The listing says this:

This Unpainted Reborn Kit Includes:

  • Unpainted Head

  • Full Arms and Legs

  • Certificate of Authenticity

Edit: I just messaged them about this.

They answered that they reduced the price because they had no bodies for it.

For $10 more you can get it with the body that goes with her @ dollssoreal.com

I can’t tell what country they are in. I messaged them to ask that and if the body had jointed limbs.

Dolls So Real is in the US in Florida. Most of the full limbed mini babies have unjointed limbs.

Ok, thanks for all your help!

It’s been a week and they haven’t answered my question.

This is the dollssoreal.com listing for Arisha. It says the body is included. I believe it’s an unjointed full limb body.

Yeah, I just wanted to be absolutely certain that it was unjointed.

On the top R picture you can see that the leg is unjointed. I’m sure the arms are, too, because I don’t see any fabric at the shoulder.

Yes, I see now. That’s not something I would have noticed in the pics. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

I make bodies if you need one, not jointed.

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