10th Reborning Anniversary

I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary in 2015. Anyone have any ideas on specials I could have or things I could do to commemorate?


I like that idea. Keep those ideas coming in. :smile:

Throw an anniversary party/baby shower where everyone brings a baby item and everyone leaves with one kind of like a gift exchange. Invite all your adoptive Mom’s/dolly friends to come and bring their babies! Kind of like a teddy bear picnic but with reborns. Too much work, too much expense!
How about anniversary reborn give away! (That is what I am thinking to do for my anniversary)
You started reborning the same year as I did!


Wow, ten years! I think we should all send you a little something for sticking with it thru all the changes! Send me your address in a pm!

ooooh - I like that idea. Most of my reborn “mommies” are spaced out across the US so may have to create something on line.

How about doing a 10th anniversary party theme in the pictures of the babies you will be making in 2015. You could probably pick up some nice props in a party supply store that has 10th anniversary printed on them like balloons or streamers. Throw a little cupcake in there and the party’s on. You could also include this picture in with the package that you send to the new mommies on a creating card or something.


Happy 10th reborniversary. I like handy denise’s idea also.

Oh that is a really nice idea…I think I borrow this one to go with the give away Baby!