1/4 limbs

I know we all like full limbs to be able to dress our babies in onesies and short sleeves, but my very 1st sort of “almost reborn” doll has only 1/4 limbs, and she is so cuddly, and can be posed beautifully. I almost think that I would like to make another one with 1/4 limbs; does anybody still makes them?

I also love the cuddliness of 1/4 limbs. I’ve made a few in the past using old Berenguer limbs. They aren’t quite as ‘real’ as we’ve all gotten used to but my little customers thought they were perfect. I wish a few sculptors would think about making some 1/4 hands and feet for the super cuddly baby. They would be well received.

I do think in a pinch you could get a set of limbs with the hands and feet that you love on sale from BB and cut them down and create a ‘flange’ out of E6000 and make them work.

The 1/4 limbed babies are favorites at the nursing homes and Alzheimer’s care facilities because they are so cuddly. They are also popular with the younger kids. You can put pretty much any outfit on them if you use a long sleeved t-shirt under the short sleeves and leggings or tights under dresses, skirts or short pants. Of course they are so cuddly in a sleeper and pose so well in them too!

The 20" Berenguer La baby limbs are nicely detailed and chubby. The Lee Middleton limbs are good too but the Berenguer ones are my favorites. Here are links to photos of some of the more recent combo babies I have made using BB heads or Berenguer heads and Berenguer 1/4 limbs.

I loved this one and a lady bought it for her little girl. She told me she loved her too.
Reborn Bi-racial AA baby -SOLD 2/14 by Angie Jones
Reborn Bi-racial AA baby - SOLD 2/14 by Angie Jones
Reborn Bi-racial AA baby - SOLD 2/14 by Angie Jones

This boy went to live at the Alzheimer’s center
Austin - Baby made for Alzheimer
Austin - Baby made for Alzheimer

This girl went to the Alzheimer’s center as well
(This one was while I was still trying to figure out how to paint hair)
Angie - Baby made for Alzheimer
Angie - Baby made for Alzheimer

Sandy used to sell the 1/4 limb Berenguer parts and she still has some of the Secrist 1/4 limbs in 17", 20" and 22" (I believe).

I have 1/4 secrist limbs and a body for a 17 inch, if anyone wants to trade. I believe I have a secrist Paris head to go with them… But the head needs to be stripped. I found them when I moved, if anyone is interested let me know:-)

Hmmm…might be something for me to consider lol. Sure would be nice to sculpt too. :wink: