SECONDS on Sale! (or are they "First Quality"?)


Ok so I need to know how y’all can order just one with a sale like this :weary::weary:their like lays potato chips - can’t have just one - I just ordered 9 :flushed:- I didn’t even realize I had that many until I had already checked out - and I got six last week - oh me :joy::joy:- I sold two last week so I guess I needed to replace them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Officially a kit hoarder :rofl::raising_hand_woman:t2:


Here I was feeling bad about ordering just one kit :joy:


Not your fault. Remember, all doll purchases are @hyelah1990’S fault. Still not sure why it’s her fault. But I like the idea. So I’m going to stick with it. :wink:


That makes me feel so much better !! @hyelah1990 why did you make me do that !!?? :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_heart:


So…what y’all are saying is I shouldn’t rely on any of you to talk me out of pre-ordering a Samira that I need like I need an extra hole in my head and when I do break down and order her I can just blame it all on @hyelah1990? Lol


Don’t question it. Just accept it. She’s a bad influence. Nothing we can do about it. :wink:


I don’t know @hyelah1990 but I sure hope she has a great sense of humor! I’m going to have to name my Samira after her :):laughing:


Good plan. I may have to name all my babies Haley now. :joy:


@Tungaro, @Katinafleming is absolutely right. It’s all my fault, but @least you can blame it on me and just be happy you got your “kit fix” :grin: Aren’t you just all bubbly inside knowing all those sweet babies are on their way to you!?! :wink: All sounds good to me, just whatever makes y’all feel better about yourselves. And @Tungaro, you will thank me later, lol. (You know you wanted each and every one of em) Now @ZeldaDawn, definitely go ahead and pre-order Samira. You will thank me later too :wink: And I think lots of Haley babies would be lovely!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


On second thought… @ZeldaDawn… Maybe you should feel just a teeny bit bad. How in the world did you manage to check out with ONLY one kit in your cart!!! :flushed: @Tungaro sounds like she knows how to SHOP!! Come on girl, you gotta make that shipping cost worth it :wink: lol. Just do as @Katinafleming said, accept it, there is nothing else you can do…


@hyelah1990 blows up my phone with messages and if I dont answer she calls me just to make sure I am aware of what is on sale. This is after I have told her that I am not ordering anymore kits. She convinces me that I need the discontinued kits at least while they are still available. Then she decides that we need to make just one order so we can save on shipping. See yall like I said, it is all her falt! :rofl:


I just CAN’T let you (I mean us :grin:) miss out on such good deals. Remember, I also said I was not ordering anymore kits either and I even convinced myself to order more :grimacing: And there is no point in both of us paying shipping when we can just share :heart:


You are like a doll prophet (profit)!!! :joy:


I like the way you think @portraitjumeau :thinking: You know all of these babies need to find their forever home… They can’t do it without our help :laughing:


Girl, I don’t even know what happened! There was a Presley asleep in my cart and I was checking out before I even knew it!


You must have gotten the last one. He’s gone now. :tired_face:


Hey Haley, I’m Tiffany. Nice to interwebs meet you!


I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help myself :frowning:


Now that’s understandable… I know I get all flustered when the sales pop up. Afraid they will sell out, afraid they will end the sale too soon :dizzy_face: Just be glad you got you one :relieved:


That’s okay. I got one the other day at regular price. He’s well worth the regular price. I didn’t really need another one. I just had him in my cart in case I ended up placing an order for anything. :wink: