Sale are down


sigh…sales are ridiculously slow…I can remember selling babies w/in minutes of them being listed. Now it seems people don’t want to bid unless the auction is stupidly low and I take a loss or the auction is $0.99 w/ no reserve.
Someone messaged me about my Keiko telling me it was better than another very well known artist, who she told me she had a lot of babies from. Anyway, she inquired about Keiko’s reserve ($450). I told her and she acted dumb shocked, like I’d told her $2,450 or something! I was just like, ok well the doll was $110, the eyes were almost $40, the outfit is boutique, not to mention the hours I spent painting her and bringing her to life plus she’s a #'d limited edition kit. UGHHHHHHHH…this subject makes me crazy.

I hate to create babies just to keep them in my crib, but I refuse to sell for less than what I know my babies are worth.
It’s just tough. I don’t sell as a job, rather a hobby but I still like to sell!


Same here, I am not painting like I use to. The first two years I did 30-40 a year this year I think I have painted maybe 9. If I list over $300 they do not sell, 200-250 seems like the going price. I have had several people contact me asking if I would reduce babies by 100 or more. I really hope things turn around, but sadly I think it’s just starting to fizzle out.


I have been selling on Etsy since 2010. The first few years were slow, but once I built up my business and learned about SEO and other things it continues to grow. This is the first year I did the whole year of Reborns to so that helped.


I finally sold 2 on that have been listed since March and June. I still have others that have been on there for months. Almost all of my sales in the last 3 months have been layaway customs.


Last few years i sold each in 1 to 4 days Im still selling but like pulling teeth now…I do do layaway.Had about half layaway last year
Havent counted how many last year and this but last year i was backed up on ordersThis year I have 2 up unsold for a week.One is my best.seller All year couldnt get any stocked ahead last year This year facebbook and reborns both slow. I havent sold one facebook local this year except a lady who has bought 5 of mine.'Last year sold at least 6 or 7 local and more on reborns
I really think many are wanting silicone .I had 2 who bought last.year wanted one maybe this year… liked mine but.did i do silicone?
It may pick up in a year or so once silicones arent all they expected . However Ashton advertising on facebook so may loose to them to.Thats a bigger concern


Fact is I’m in the middle of rooting a giant toddler. And my customer is rude and impatient. She said to me “can you send her to me unfinished. Just show me where you buy the needles and send her hair. I will finish her.”
That shows the value in this art now. I’m getting out when the sculpts I have stashed are done and listed.


Can you tell me what SEO’s are?


It seems to me that it’s all based on the asking price of the doll. There are so many very cheap babies on that people don’t want to pay for the ones that are a little more costly. I imagine many of the dolls purchased are for younger children and who wants to spend a lot of money for a doll they are going to “love” to death. We always say the baby is NOT intended for young children, but, do they listen? Nope. Anyway that’s just my opinion, everybody looking for a cheap bargain. I don’t think these babies are considered “art” anymore, just dolls. There is too many of them available now. It is not a specialty anymore.


I agree Lynn. Most of the sales are for children. And if the doll doesn’t have a paci , “can you add one please?” Yeah they’re for kids.
Although …… I know of a couple of adults who have purchased a couple for themselves.

I am working on a kit from my stash, an LE of Cassie Brace’s, and regardless of sales I do enjoy the reborning process, bringing them to ‘life’. Applying all the little details etc. So I guess I will keep going regardless, as it keeps me occupied, and besides I don’t want to waste 5 years of learning. Lol :sweat_smile:


i just looked back at my last 10 sales. 7 were to adults. 3 were for kids. The ones for adults range from a $125 cuddle baby to a $475 werepup. All of the ones for kids were $250. Nearly ever kid who ends up with one of mine is 10-12. A lot of them save up their own money to buy them. Honestly, the kids are my favorite customers. I would have loved and cherished a reborn baby as a kid. I love being able to bring magic to a little girl’s world. I don’t see it as devaluing art in any way. It’s magic to a 10 year old, an 80 year old, and everyone in between.


There are SO MANY people reborning now!


Search engine optimization- meaning keywords that describe the item. If you use the right ones your listings will be picked up by many search engines. Etsy has their own however this year they changed that a bit. It used to be that you would show up on the first page. Now that page changes. Hopefully this made sense :slight_smile:


I know there are people buying them for next to nothing but the quality has to be not that great. You mean to tell me there are no serious collectors out there that knows the difference? Where are they and why are they not buying? It’s a shame that it has come to this point. I’ve been noticing on Facebook people are listening them for sale and no one is leaving any comments so I kind of figured as much. Last year it was crazy and this year it just seems like everybody’s kind of sitting still.


Quite a few of my customers have started to learn how to reborn themselves. It’s easy to get started, lots of information all over YouTube ect. Wonder if that’s it…:thinking:


Again. Its pretty simple.

  1. the majority of people are cheapskates. They want quality. But they don’t want to pay for it. Example. Cheap Wal-Mart garbage. And no offense to a particular person. But I have seen some downright trash dolls selling. Because they are cheap. And people want a “reborn” regardless of the bad paint. Bad hair. Ect

  2. all the higher end artists selling tutorial and downright giving them away. This makes it look like anyone can reborn. That its easy and a quick buck.
    Truth is. Everyone can reborn. But not everyone should. It takes a certain level of still and time to produce a quality doll. I spend weeks painting. Rooting as single strand as I can. Studying pictures of real newborns.
    Many just slap some paint on and sell.

Case in point. The doll I’m redoing for the lady here. It should not have been on the market. It was hideous. Filled with old couch stuffing and bits of plastic. With nothing but some red on the hands and feet.

To me. That is not acceptable work to be selling.

Because of such cheap poorly done dolls being sold. People don’t value the artists work that does take hours and is done as high quality as possible. And so does command a higher price tag.

Again. That’s not to say I disparage others from reborning. But there should be a certain value to the work. Otherwise what is the point?




Hahaha! If you read right where you cropped… it says material: VINYL…

So a full body silicone made of vinyl? LOL

But since it doesnt speak I wont waste my $5 :wink:


Explain more? I find this interesting and I think you’re right. When I got into reborn dolls, back when I looked but didn’t collect or paint, the babies were higher quality. The kits weren’t as detailed but they we’re we’ll painted and looked alive. Now, I don’t know what’s happened to reborn babies.


What would you like me to explain? Lol


I’ve been reborning for several years now and I must admit it has sure changed. When I first saw these dolls I was mesmerized!! I feel like the artists really did put their heart and soul into them. Painting itself was exaggerated in order to make the baby look “alive”. Not soooo exaggerated that it looked “clownish” but you know what I mean. Now, I see so many babies (and not just the ones from newbies) that have little paint on them, the little hands have a tiny bit of reddish colored paint smeared on them, no detail, no definition. It’s sad. I think overall so much of the workmanship has gone down hill. It’s kinda like, “just get some paint on these things so I can sell them”!! Where is Pride in workmanship going?? JMO