Pulling my hair out trying to set lulu's eyes

Thanks, Lynn!

And here I am pulling my hair out trying to do my first rooted lashes on Corbin! Ugh I can’t hold the hair correct or something. I do hope you get your eyes fixed!

That can be frustrating, for sure, Mandy! Make sure you have good light and wear some magnifying glasses (even some readers). You’ll get the hang of it soon. :sunglasses:

I think I should have started rooting a sleepy eyed baby first lol

I think your tongue looks fine (the doll’s…lol)


Would putting a coin are something like it against the back of the eye have pushed it forward enough?

I don’t think a coin would have been heavy enough. The socket is just not formed correctly. Once I cut away some…a lot…of the socket the eyes seated properly. Still not happy with the left eye but I’m going to leave it alone. At least it fits. :smile:

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