Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Oh wow, I love the colors! That scale pattern looks super cool too!


It looks really nice, so far. Isn’t it a tedious process? Im rooting a Claire kit and this German vinyl is hard as a rock and even with my heat lamp I’ve broken SIX forked needles. I need to practice more on my hair painting because my hands won’t hold up to rooting all my babies. So are you just going to root free hand or do you have a rooting map. I found these blue pens that wash off with water but not as easily as chalk but chalk works as well and Ive even used regular pencil, very lightly.


It certainly is, luckily no needles broken yet, but the last one I rooted, which was my first attempt, I went through 30+ needles! I don’t think I could handle one of those hard heads!
I’m just going free hand with this one, as I don’t really have a plan, do you think that will look okay? I’m still really new to all this and don’t want to make a crucial error.
I have some chalk I could use. I was thinking with it being so sparse it wouldn’t matter too much as long as it followed a direction that made sense. Maybe I should go back and map it before I continue?


It helps me if I draw a map, Im not very good at free hand…this is only the fourth baby I have put hair on, my last one looked really nice and I just sold her and her Mommy says she is really happy with her so that made me feel really good :).

Sorry…overuse of the word REALLY LOL

I went ahead and took a couple pictures of Claire, sorry they are dark. I have been doing the back and sides first because it makes my swirl look better but my babies look like balding old men LOL


Thank you, that’s really helpful. I’ll use some chalk and map it out tonight to see if I find it easier/better. I can’t work on it until my daughters in bed.
I think I have an idea in my head but I’m not great at hair in general, never have been, I struggle to style my own :joy:.


Me too, Im one of those pony tail ladies :wink:


That’s exactly like me :joy:


Love the originality of this merbaby, Miss_Kitty~ Megan Anne! So Kool! :slight_smile:


OMG! I had to say this. Claire’s expression looks like she is pouting about getting her hair rooted! lol


So beautiful


I love her face


Thank you.


LOL…I think she is, she’s certainly giving me a hard time about it :wink:


Doing an awesome job


Thank you :blush:


WIP Leelou by Cassie Brace. She’s ready for rooting :slight_smile:


She’s so pretty :blush:


Lovely :sparkling_heart:


Looking good


Finished rooting my Rosebud and forgot to root her eyelashes before I put the soft touch varnish on her shiny spot on her chin. Not sure it would be a good idea to heat the heat again; has anybody heated kit after layer of the soft touch?