Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


She’s beautiful


Terrible lighting but I’m calling them done soon. I’ve had enough of twins lol!! The details are
Completely lost :cry:


They look great, I see a lot of detail! I did a set of twins, and decided…not as fun​:wink::grin:


Dressed Laila today…going to attempt to root her…I’ll be gone for at least a year …:rofl:


Definitely-----or it will pull out!!


Love your unicorn, adorable, I’m partial to pink, it’s my favorite color!! Great Job!!


I love those colors.


Thank you! My daughter loves pink too!


Thank you! I used pyrole red with some crimson and rose gold Kolorefx.


Beautiful baby!


Thank you @ Mommarobin ! She is my second baby after a long hiatus of about a year…I’m really dreading the rooting process as I did my first with prisma pencil!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My fast chimp I’m making for Zoe Bear! She requested these amazing eyes! Lol




My next baby, just before her bath. She’s drying now and I can’t believe how little she is lol


Thank you so much, Jennifer! :kissing_heart: ~ it’s been nearly a year getting back to a second baby! :sweat_smile: Now, I’m going to brave trying to root her…wish me luck! :grimacing:


this little one has gotten a bunch of likes and favorites, and people wanting her for nearly nothing…ugh! I’ve had to lower my price from $500 down to $350 thinking she’ll sell faster but I’ve had absolutely no luck. I’ve only sold one doll in the last few months on reborns.com and I feel like I’m losing out on money each month that goes by with no sales.


She’s so sweet, and so well done…that’s just a shame…perhaps a different venue to sell her?


@Carce428 What is your nursery name?


@Simone creationsbycelenarc


@GypsyRoss I’ve tried facebook and local yard sale pages but no luck. plus I just recently got scammed so I’m kind of skeptical with facebook buyers now.