Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


thank you :slight_smile:


How adorable and unique!


Just keep rooting… just keep rooting… patience young grasshopper lol


Looks good so far!


Im finally happy with my little Tink, now she just needs a bit more details, some varnish, and some hair and eyelashes :slight_smile:


now that is precious :smile:


She’s so cute!


Still the other side of the top of his head and lashes to go


first Cammi (wip)
and Julia by Jannie de Lange (wip)


I got another sale today! One day after listing , three in the last two weeks!


Yay just finished micro rooting wee Darren’s head and lashes done, I just glued inside his head and placed his magnet.


I love this girl! Where did you get that hair?:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


About half way done with his hair . Cant wait to send him to his new mama.


wow! they are awesome, did you root that hair? Is it human hair?


Awesome I am so happy for you, its great to hear sales are starting to pick up!


Not the best lighting.


Ahh Sumer rain, I couldn’t wait to get her. But when I finally did and started I got so frustrated with her I put her away and took a brake from reborning. That was back in April!! Need to move on and start my Christmas babies for my mom and sister. Just need the motivation!!


thank you, yes human hair :slight_smile:


Where do you get your hair? It’s ok if you don’t want to share. That hair is so pretty.


thank you, I buy all my hair privately :slight_smile: