Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


What a cutie, is that a full torso?
I wouldn’t even have noticed the shadow if you hadn’t pointed it out, haha.


Yes, full back and front. Cute butt included lol!


This big baby is a dream to reborn.


Thank you!




I agree and I LOVE those feet! :slight_smile:


Awe, he’s beautiful! Cant wait to see him all done :slight_smile:


That picture looks familiar…oh yeah, I did the same hold when I did. I wonder how many similar pictures are on here? :wink:

They are looking great! I also agree, that mouth is not easy to paint.


Yours turned out beautiful! Were you able to make the paint inside the mouth look smooth? If so, how? Thanks!


Thank you :slight_smile:
I started with blue and red paint and then went over it many times with some of my Panpastels during the painting process. I think the powder sticks better than paint.


Loving this little moon child :grin:


@Katinafleming He is already looks awesome! You are so good with rooting!


Thank you:)


Ohmygosh!! I have to see this when he’s finished!!


Fixed these up today- and rooting little Luxe now:)


They’re so lovely!


These two dolls have caused me more frustration than any that I can remember here lately- once I painted the baby fuzz on them and lighted that lip area- I forgave them for being so hard;) and I like them now- so I decided NOT to “closet” them for the rest of their little dolly lives and I’m rooting them and going to find them homes;)


How do you do your baby fuzz? I’ve tried painting it and always disliked how it looked. I tried something new on Maia that worked pretty good but it’s so hard to see in person that I’ll have to try and pick it up on camera.


I used paint this time- sometimes a flesh tone prisma pencil. It doesn’t show up well in my pics.


Thanks. That’s what I do too but it never looks as good as when someone else does it :rofl: I’m hopeful that what I did with Maia shows up well enough in her pics.