Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


Love them, they are so cute! :heart:


Hoping to varnish these three this evening…then start their hair and finishing touches


This is my favorite of yours so far!!!:heart_eyes:


Thank you! Mine too. :heart_eyes:


Oh man does he look real!:scream::clap::footprints:


Woah! Is that a Sharlamae? Haven’t seen one of rhose in a while. What sweet babes you have made.


Yes, Sharlamae :slight_smile:


Just started luxe’s hair! This is the first time I’m doing this style of hair!


That’s really cute! I love that style!


That looks awesome!


I love your work! Are you going to be at Rose by chance? If not, you should have a booth there. :slight_smile:



WOW!!! I DREAM of painting hair like this- your doing amazing!


I wish!!! Thank you so much:) it’s on my bucket list FOR SURE! I’m going to try to set it up next year. I’m always curious as to how many babies everyone brings?!

This summer I’m caring for my dad- he’s in the last stages of COPD and he’s staying here with me and my boys. Right now he needs me around the clock so it’s really a blessing that I get to work from home and make money doing something that I love so much. I really feel like a lucky girl. These dolls are so much more than just a doll. They are therapy for me as I make them- I show my dad all the babies I make- like a child running to get his approval- he is utterly amazed! This is the first time I’ve been around him in so many years- everyday I’m thankful:) I’m going to cheer all you doll ladies on who get to go to the Rose!!! I’ll be watching via YouTube and stalking everyone’s pics:)


Perfect!!! Such a beautiful skin tone! Your very talented:)


I saw tables with 5 or 6 dolls and booths with 20 or more. :slight_smile: well I look forward to it! I’m sorry to hear about your dad but glad these dolls bring you joy!


Girl, you definitely need a booth next year. Your story about your dad really touched me. Good for you for looking after him. Still, it must be tough for you so I’m glad creating the dolls is therapeutic :heart:


Thank you!!


Thank you :smile: