Let’s Show our Work, or WIP! Part 2


They are gorgeous !!


Thank you! Your baby is lovely! How’s long did it take you to complete your first from start to finish?


That is a tough one for eyebrows!!




So sweet!


Thank you! Here they are at home with their brother Levi, also painted and rooted by me! image


They are both amazing but I love Violet, she’s so cute with the little pony tails and I LOVE that dress!


She’s lovely and that hair OMG…amazing!


Joseph finally got a body. I assembled him right away but missed the daylight for pics. Here are some bad pics anyway :slight_smile:


Also wanted to share Raphael’s prisma hair


The most realistic prisma hair I have ever seen !


Wow!!! Gorgeous hair!!! How many colors of Prisma did you use?


@jeepers Love, love, love it!


What amazing hair !!


Thank you! Just two colors, dark umber and peach beige. For the dark umber I was light handed, medium then heavy handed so it may look like different colors but it’s just the one :slight_smile:


When I did Berenguers like that years ago, I did have a had time turning the head. Someone recommended gluing a piece of satin ribbon into the groove. I eneded up doing it that way and it worked a lot better.


So sweet!! Love him!


Good idea!


Absolutely beautiful!


That hair is fantastic!!