I got a Knitting loom set


Yeah now I am waiting for someone else to show me theirs you have yours done yet ? I will try again with the different brim just don’t know when I will feel like it .


I need a loom first! I told myself it’s my reward if o ever finish these 2 babies. I think I’ll leave them bald. I wanna loom!


Yeah I am trying to just make it on the loom instead of resorting to crochet or something else , so you have guide lines to follow in loom knitting.


I just bought a loom set from Michaels


Welcome to the new hobby :smile:


@nikkiroc here is a good set, I have it. Also hobby lobby has a nice set.


@marrabo nice try! If I make one it will be on a loom for sure! I need to get some confetti yarn this weekend.
@nikkiroc don’t forget to order the 12 Loom for socks. I need one too.


leaves a lot to be desired but it looks like if I keep tweaking it I should be able to get one done on the loom lol


Great first try. Maybe next time mark your pegs so you remember which stitch to do on each peg. You can use stitch markers, little rubber bands or even finger nail polish that you can take off when your finished. I can’t keep track in my head.


The problem was with the ribbing I did a knit 3 purl 3 and that was a bad idea lol going with the knit 2 purl 2 next .


Gotcha, I thought maybe the stitches got off pattern. It still turned out cute!


Well it does resemble a little lol very little but I am stubborn so I will keep trying to figure it out .


A lot, it looks great! Give yourself more credit!


Maybe if I shut one eye nope still there :wink:


You’re funny :joy:


Thanks!!! I have my 40 percent off coupon ready!!! @Anne 12 loom? Is it a circle? I love socks!!! I’ll make a lot of socks!!!


I made a similar cupcake hat on my loom a few weeks ago following this tutorial http://thismamaloomknits.blogspot.com/2011/02/cupcake-hat-pattern.html
It turned out pretty cute but smaller than I intended


A chocolate cupcake!!! Cute!


I didn’t use a pattern on mine I just went free style whatever I thought might work lol the biggest problem with mine is the ribbing was not close enough together for such a small item .


Here is in my opinion the best intro sock loom set. Later if you find you really enjoy it you can get better looms at CinDwoodlooms.com but these are great.

Here is a 12 peg Anne was talking about. You can make baby booties on it.